Who Am I?

Our Story

My name is Alex and I run Limit3dPrinting, LLC. For the longest time I have been drawn to tech, software, and video games. For the past year I’ve run a tech YouTube Channel (FamilyTechExec), and something about that ignited my passion for creation, for building things.

It was the end of April 2021 when I purchased my first 3D Printer. It wasn’t more than a couple of weeks later when I had created a set of 3D Printed/Resin Coasters that my wife remarked “You should sell these.” And that day, Limit3dPrinting was born.

While I am still learning many of the processes, 3D printing has created a spark in me that no other thing has been able to do. I hope to take that spark, and provide products and services to people that make their lives easier and spark a tiny bit of joy. I want to make one off accessories and prototyping available to everyone, no matter the budget. I want you to get a quality designed product that you are proud to show off to your friends and family.